Sunset Gong Therapy - Roadbook Sunset Gong Therapy - Roadbook

Sound therapy has been used for centuries to detoxify, heal, and clear emotional blockages. A gong bath, of course, has nothing to do with water, but it is immersive in a deeper sense: the resonant rolls and soaring crescendos from the ancient instrument sweep over and through you to raise the frequencies in your body to more optimal levels, like an energizing sound massage. Join Jen – a professional dancer turned yoga teacher, Reiki healer and sound therapist – for your vibrational reset.

In her candlelit, verdant sanctuary, sunset is optimal relaxation time, and her regal symphonic gong takes center stage. All smiles and warmth, Jen settles you in with some breathing exercises as the dusk deepens in the city beyond her vast windows.

Lie down and the gong bath begins, releasing waves of sound that wash over you and send your brain into a theta, dreamlike state. Whether you’re a wellness junkie or a meditation newbie, don’t be surprised if you see colors, find inspiration or fall into a trance. Jen’s gentle use of Tibetan singing bowls and tinkling Koshi chimes adds to the fairyland effect.

The conclusion of your session brings a feeling of peaceful exhilaration; stretch and linger over a cup of homebrewed yogi tea. For an even more profound experience, start with a yoga lesson. Drawing on more than 15 years of yoga practice and training in Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Iyengar, and Yin styles with internationally recognized teachers, Jen will guide you to bring awareness to your breath and body – the perfect ease in to your gong bath.