About Us

Roadbook is driven by a hand-picked team of sought-after journalists and tastemakers with unrivaled access to unique individuals, places and activities. They know their cities inside-out and and are brimming with street-level intel that will broaden your horizons. Selected for their special expertise across a broad range of subjects, they curate their insights to make visitors feel like locals. If you're a discerning traveler looking for experiences that are at once luxurious and intensely local, above the fray and in the thick of the action, comfortable and outside your comfort zone, Roadbook is built for you. Each experience is personal, private, exclusive, all-inclusive, and involves door-to-door transportation in a Mercedes. You'll be enlightened and excited. You'll find hidden treasure and make connections. And, you'll go home with at least one perfect dinner-party anecdote gleaned from a conversation with a fascinating person you wouldn’t have otherwise met. That's what travel is about. Get your facts from a guidebook. Get your memories from Roadbook.


Roadbook's journalists know their city inside-out, and they're constantly making new discoveries. Our Journal section offers insights, tidbits, random facts and news-you-can-use about the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Journalist Program

Hand-crafted, small-batch and locavore... We believe those words should describe our travels as much as they do our meals. And we're looking for like-minded journalists and writers to help broaden our horizons and those of our guests. Do you have a favorite under-the-radar spot in the city, special access to a titan of industry or an unknown expert in a field—or any great idea of how to show off the Bangkok you know, live and love to visitors? Our journalist partners are gateways to fascinating people, secret places, insider knowledge. Sometimes they go along for the ride and guide the experience themselves. Contact us with your ideas. Let's build an experience together!

Partner with us

How do you show a new place to the sort of person who’s seen it all? To someone with neither the time for arduous research, nor the patience for cookie-cutter tour guides? Roadbook is looking for partners who understand that traveling today isn't about box-ticking. It's about inspiring, educating and making connections. It's about having fun by feeling special. Are you a proprietor, restaurateur or bartender excited about creating an exclusive experience to show off your business and your life's passion to high-end travelers? Are you a hotelier seeking new ways to connect with your guests, to provide them fresh, exclusive experiential offerings, to enhance your street-cred and build loyalty? Roadbook outings might include a traipse among underground hotspots or a tete-a-tete with a reclusive virtuoso. Not just a cooking class, but perhaps a one-on-one with the chef and sitting in on a service. Roadbook partnerships are exclusive, and a great opportunity for co-branding targeted to a high-income, frequent-traveling, influential clientele. Contact us. Let's build an experience together.

Join Roadbook

We are a diverse and energetic group of (mostly) Bangkok-based professionals in the travel, journalism, publishing, hospitality and tech industries. We are looking for new colleagues who are passionate about the interesting and uncommon, who care about crafting the ultimate insider experience, who believe in bespoke client services. Also, please be fun. Contact us about joining the team.