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Single malt vault: elevated whisky tasting in a hidden speakeasy

A whisky repository might not be the most obvious way to describe Bangkok, but that undercover nature is what makes the burgeoning “uisge beatha” bar scene here all the more exciting. In a riot of hidden venues and tucked-away gems, it never hurts to have a spirit guide or two... say a gent from Scotland and one from Japan, homes of the world's best single malts, unlocking the door to a whisky experience that ranks as the Thai capital's most intriguing.

Sunset gong therapy: bathing in good vibrations

Sound therapy, as Jen will tell you, has been used for centuries to detoxify, to heal, and to clear emotional blockages. A gong bath, of course, has nothing to do with water, but it is immersive in a deeper sense: the resonant rolls and soaring crescendos from the ancient instrument sweep over and through you to raise the frequencies in your body to more optimal levels, like an energizing sound massage. Join Jen--a professional dancer turned yoga teacher, Reiki healer and sound therapist--at home for your vibrational reset.

An evening with Joe Commings

Barhopping while being regaled with Bangkok tales of yore